Meet MAUMAU Veteran Field Marshall Muthoni.



Every town has a legend,every person has a is not enough to listen to the vocally aggressive only,there are people that have stories hidden in the corners of their hearts,stories that will make you shed tears..stories that are written in their bodies,stories that are hidden in gun wounds,stories that deserve awards.Based in a modest homestead in Nyeri Kenya,the heartland of kikuyus that made up the mau mau, 

We have a legendary woman of her own kind…


“I have no child is Kenya,I spent most of my young and ripe years fighting for the independence of this nation..”said an emotional Field Marshall Muthoni when I asked about he family.

“It is all in vain”….says our legend,

Muthoni said they gave up too much for this country and they didn’t leap anything from that,Our country has forgetten that there are people that paid a price for the freedom they are enjoying right now.

Muthoni learnt about Kenya's independence in 1963 while she was still living in the forest.She had been there for over a decade surviving on animals and even leave.Most of her comrades had been  bloodily suppressed by 1956. During my interview with Muthoni she kept mentioning that “Ngai agiuga ndugukua dungikua” meaning if God says you will live..nothing can kill you.

When president Jomo Kenyatta learnt about Muthoni,he allowed her to sell all the ivories she had from the forest as an award.However ,all the other promises remained unfulfilled up-to Moi era when she was nominated as a Councillor in Nyeri municipality,that is the only thing she would term of as an award.

“Am nursing a gun -shot,the government does not care,we have other freedom fighters living in abject poverty..we don’t even know where some are..they don’t care if we live in toilets or bushes..we paid a price for your freedom,our hearts bleed when we see people inviting as for mashujaa day giving us awards that cant give us food nor shelter to live in…our country does remember us and appreciate.there is no humanity left in us..we do not fear God”

She however commends the moi regime for atleast trying to better their lives and have their stories told in schools.She claims that some leaders with vested interests frustrated those efforts.She accuses the founding president jomo Kenyatta of turning his back on them and not pushing for their interests.

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