A Kenyan, Alex G Ndiritu causes tension in White House, Washington

As protests in Minneapolis continue, a Kenyan has caused tension in the White House after making a controversial comment on Facebook that implied that he was part of the protestors and had intentions to burn the White House . 

This was on a Facebook live coverage of the protests happening in Minneapolis over the murder of a black man, George Floyd on the morning of 28th May, 2020.
The protesters were seen burning Minneapolis police station and a bank in the town. 

Alex, a self declared Pan African, commented that they should proceed to incinerate White House as the next destination. 
This comment caused panic after an American comedian, Terrence and close friend to Donald Trump screenshoted it and posted it on twitter with the following words. 


We must Protect President Trump and his Administration. All threats must be taken seriously. 

Please RT to inform the FBI, Secret Service and the CIA .

@FBI @CIA @SecretService https://t.co/7Wbvwsmd4k"
A few minutes later, Kenyans on twitter hilariously hailed Ndiritu's act as a hero who caused panic in America's most powerful house. 
One tweep, @CrazyNairobian, tweeted, 

"Alex Ndiritu ana comment from his single room in Ndumberi anafanya wame dispatch the whole of FBI, CIA, SWAT na Secret Service kwenda White House ku beef up security 😭"

Alex , on his Twitter handle said that he was tweeting from the comfort of his local miraa(khat) joint. 

Our reporter has hence contacted Alex who claims his life is in danger, nevertheless, he asserts that his fight against white supremacy will not stop. 

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