Young Kenyan innovator Anthony Muthungu makes local ventilator.

Kenyan innovator Anthony Muthungu who recently won a full scholarship to study at Watson Institute, South Florida and his partner Peter Mbiria have successfully made their first local ventilator.

The two aid that it was made out of 16 days of hard work, eventually coming up with a successful product. 

This comes after students in Kenyatta University Hospital made similar attempts.

In a Facebook post, Muthungu noted that he believes Kenya is able and Africa is able with out Western countries, " We call upon the Government, Stakeholders, Corporates and Institutions of Higher Learning to team up with us for production. We can make 20 ventilators per week.Our ventilator will be retailed at 50,000 Kenya Shillings," he said. 

The two operate as TotoSci Ltd and Voltarent Ltd.

Below is a link of a video showing the ventilator in operation.

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