Kenyan Facebook user writes controversial letter to Kim Jong-Un

photo:North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un, alongside Dancun Karani(gridded) 

A Kenyan social media user, one Dancun Karani has been trending in social media timelines over a controversial letter he wrote to the North Korean Supreme leader.

The letter, that has been shared widely including to Kim Jong-Un's Facebook page by one Naftaly Kinoti Mwirigi,read as follows ;
Dear Kim Jong un.

I don't know how to start this letter. I can't start with " hope you are fine" because the rumours doing rounds are crazy. Some say you are already dead and currently queuing at the gates of hell waiting for your admission number. Trust me, you will be Hitler's mono in hell. I however don't trust the death rumours because according to your subjects in Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea (DPRK) you are immortal, I mean you are supposed to live forever, right.

 Other people especially the Japanese say you are in a vegetative state, may be in a coma. You know what that means. To a supreme leader whom people believe possesses mystical powers, this is really damaging. For the first time, someone in North Korea will see your poop. Let that sink in. The believe that the Supreme Leader does not poop will be debunked. But I am sure anyone who sees your poop will not leave to tell the story

But you know the Japanese. They don't like you very much since you started shooting those long and medium range missiles over their territory. I can't blame them. I would be scared to. 

Even as rumours of your poor health went round, your only friend Donald Trump stood by you calling the rumours fake news. It amazing how you have influenced this guy. He wants to be you when he grows up. But you will have to teach him a little more about propaganda. You may not have heard this but can you imagine he advised his people to take disinfectant to cure covid 19! How dumb was that. This would not have happened in North Korea. The supreme leader does not advice, he instructs, he directs, he commands.  

One question I have though or  two.. Who is the surgeon who performed the heart surgery on you? Are you sure he is not CIA or MI6? Is he/she still alive? I guess not. You don't stand screw ups especially of this magnitude.

Second question. Do you even have a heart? 

I am asking this because the things you do as the Supreme Leader demands that you discard your heart if you have one. May be this is why your heart got sick. It could not stand seeing millions suffering in gulags for a small mistake like having Gideon's New Testament Bible in their possession. Your heart could not stand seeing millions go without food while you enjoy the finest cheese this world has to offer. Your heart just gave up on you. 

Yours sincerely
Concerned global citizen 

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